Our expertise spans industries. By taking the time to listen actively and engineer collaboratively, we deliver consulting, assessments and solutions for educational and government institutions as well as retail, business and healthcare organizations. We’re used to working with clients in regulated industries, so we understand and are sensitive to your compliance requirements. We have decades of experience helping clients in a range of industries, including:
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Education K-12

The classrooms of today and the future must meet the demands required for testing and Common Core standards. Educational institutions need to shift resources towards implementation of safe wireless infrastructures to accommodate multi-device and platform teaching methodologies. High-speed connectivity and fiber-optic lines are imperative, ensuring a robust digital learning environment. Resilient’s services for K-12 institutions include video collaboration, wireless solutions, security and more.

Higher Education

Higher education institutions are challenged by decreasing enrollment, while struggling to provide optimal learning experiences online to a diverse pool of students. On-campus safety is also a concern. Resilient helps higher education institutions leverage mobility and online environments to create optimal learning experiences through high-speed bandwidth, wireless, and mobility solutions, as well as safer campuses through security and video surveillance.


Municipal, city, county, state and federal governments face the challenge of providing meaningful, innovative services and cutting costs, with fewer available resources and limited budgets. Leveraging advanced technology solutions like data centers, virtualization, VoIP and others prepares government agencies and departments to meet these demands, improving communication, decreasing costs and advancing critical community services.


The high risk of fraud, identity theft and data breaches for financial institutions means technology solutions must deliver the highest level of security while ensuring performance capabilities to service customers. Resilient helps financial institutions assess their existing infrastructures and design upgrades to promote security compliance and regulations, while delivering the features and service that customers demand.


Customer demands, fast-paced economic changes, globalization – these are just a few of the challenges manufacturers must overcome. Along with availability of capital and ensuring efficient operations, manufacturers must balance a growing number of concerns while achieving profitability and sustainability. Resilient helps manufacturers leverage network infrastructure, communications and security to meet these demands.


Healthcare organizations adopt technology solutions to overcome patient care challenges, security and cost issues, employee efficiency and compliance and regulation concerns. Resilient’s advanced technology services provide healthcare organizations with the tools they need to ensure optimal patient care and decreased costs.