Our Security Solutions Start With You

The foundation of an effective security solution is an understanding of your organization. At Resilient, we’ve learned that the latest technology wrongly applied wastes money and provides a false sense of security. Our advanced security solutions:
  • Identify infrastructure weaknesses
  • Fix vulnerabilities
  • Implement Your Compliance Requests
  • Address internal and external security issues
From our base in Southern California we work with you in person to design and implement a security solution that protects your entire network – from its physical infrastructure to its many end points and applications. We identify the threats specific to your network and put preventative measures in place to protect your organization from those threats. Then, we continually validate the security of your servers, desktops, databases, web apps and internet perimeter to guard you against frequently changing threats.
Contact Resilient today to begin designing a security solution that keeps your organization safe without slowing you down.


Work Safe With Resilient

We provide comprehensive, customized security solutions for business and public sector clients. Our client base has grown to include school districts, private and public schools, cities, water districts, retailers, law firms, financial institutions and health care providers.